Community Conversations


With the release of our first issue on February 7, 2017, Riverwise Magazine is officially part of the local media landscape. Part of our stated mission is to be inclusive in ways not normally associated with print media.
We have begun accepting submissions for the Riverwise Fall 2017 issue, but we’re exploring other ways to engage and broaden the network of movement activity for the benefit of Detroit’s traditionally underserved population.
In keeping with that spirit, we are starting a series of public dialogues. Join us for our next official ‘Riverwise community conversation’, September 23, 2017 from 4:30-6pm at the Noble Outdoor Classroom, 12408 Wisconsin at the corner of Wisconsin and Fullerton Ave.  This event will occur in conjunction with the Noble Outdoor Claasroom Garden Tour which will take place from 2-6pm.  We’ll be sharing Linda Gadsden’s vision to for her neighborhood and sharing stories about public activism in yours.
Who is organizing who, to solve what prevailing issues? What existing community spaces serve as liberation zones or places to create and implement new visions? And how we can better cover these stories?
With the Riverwise Summer 2017 issue as a backdrop, we’ll be talking about these issues and more. We urge you to join us.  

For more information, call 313-247-4771. 

The Riverwise Collective