An Ode to Rev. Mama Sandra Simmons 

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This majestic

African bird

with outstretched wings

has taken high flight



beyond earthly

timeless time

and spaceless space

Her sweet voice and laughter song


in the chambers

of our memory


Flying high

into the stars

of deep blue night

this bird

with penetrating eyes


of the Harpy eagle

shiny BLACK

with ocean depths


surveying our souls

beyond the veils

This Sandra Bird

… majestic and royal …

with powerful outstretched floating

dancing wings

moves the circles of wind


in our hearts

This majestic

African bird


and spaceless

has risen

and has been welcomed

into the safe haven

of the conference of birds

The conference of birds

who have always been


over us

In the silence

you can hear

their songs

and her solo

Peace, be still

Facebook Reflection from Andrena Nicole Sasser

Oh mama my heart is so heavy this morning….Revmamasandra Simmons ….. If mama hugged you it felt as if you were being blessed by the ancestors. It was like coming in from the cold and being wrapped in a warm blanket and receiving a hot bowl of soup. The sound of her voice when she prayed over you was like hearing the voice of God. Then when she grabbed both your hands and looked you in your eyes you knew whatever battle you were fighting you no longer had to fight it alone. The love and comfort that this Queen poured into this community could never be measured but the love she poured into me I will hold forever and wrap myself in it when the world is cold and I feel like I can’t make it through. The only other time I felt this type of love was resting my head in my grandmother’s lap after a hard day. Mama, you birthed a community of strong men and women that learned who they are in the eyes of God by watching you and BabaCharles Simmons lead by example with all of the grace, honor, and strength. You and baba created a space that we could come to and learn who we are and where we come from. Your knowledge inspired us and your love gave us hope. I’m gonna miss you so much, mama. Well done mama. Get your rest ~Ase ~