Artist’s Statement: Milton Bennet

Artist’s Statement

by Milton Bennet

The world we live in is surely a Garden of Eden, but it is also highly techno, automatized, artificial and very wasteful.   Any artist with a vision for transforming the world’s waste will have an abundance of supplies. People discard things that can be reused and recycled.

I’m one of the artists who benefit from the world’s waste. I’m like Sanford and Son, King of the Debris. My soul and sanity demand that I create art. A curse? Not quite.  For in the act of creating, I’m healing myself and imbuing the art with healing energies, hopefully compelling the viewer to question the very truth of art and what’s useful and what’s not.  Also I’m possibly inspiring the viewer to be creative. To inspire someone is worth more than gold.

Some of my favorite artists are Lam, Dali, Man Ray, Tinguely, Duchamp, Mata, and De Chirico.  I love art that questions me. I love solving mysteries.

True art is magical. It opens the windows of the soul and brings peace to the turbulent mind, and it all begins with the individual.

Art teaches us to see. I tend to look with x-ray eyes at everything and determine its purpose to me. I like to rub surfaces with pencils or crayons. Perforated surfaces I spray through with paint. I remove decorative embellishments from furniture and create anew. Handles, knobs and the backs of decorative chairs are some of my favorite items. I’ve also used things like milk crates, cigarette lighter holders, and produce crates.

It’s hard for me to discard things until they are totally depleted. Not a hoarder! An artist.    


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