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i am fast. 

like the travel of time around a foreign planet, 

i present tomorrow 

before you could process the day that is. 

Rhythmic chants of people’s passionate cries

taken to the streets in protest 

for peace —for power, 

had become the metronome to my bleeding heart,

still finding the strength to keep a beat. 

Facing its inevitable demise, 

the beat becomes silent. 

The silence 

becoming as loud 

as a thunderous cry.  

Decomposing into the earth, resulting in rebirth: 

i manifested as a spiritual vessel to carry messages 

from ancestors.

i began to visualize: 

The trail blazed path of tomorrow:

It greets me with whispers of uncertainties 

shared between the trees // waiting to see

what my next move will be. 

She’s welcoming; 

trusting I’ll take care this time. 

The sorrows of yesterday

no longer feel heavy.

The smells of poverty and air pollution 

no longer pervade the air.

Those distant memories have become bubbles 

floating into an abyss.


i see tears 

withering away 

from the face of an immigrant mother 

reunited with her family. 

Her tears: 

they weigh heavy. 

Her smile: 

catches them like a basin.

Curiosity of this new space 

creates community 

through collective confusion. 


are free to exist

as /them;

among others. 

He’s helping with collective childcare — 

Once, an effeminate task.

She’s building — 

Figuratively and literally. 


no longer abstract. 


Feeling the vibrancy of colorful foods collectively cultivated;

my heart smiles

as i hear the plants germinate from the soil. 

The sun shines differently. 

As it rises, 

it no longer becomes the measure of time 

for the sake of capital. 

More compassion, less conceit

feels like a familiar fallacy 

held on to as fantasy. 

Uncertainty of this new place

feels like anticipated misunderstanding — 

life as my most ultimate gaslight. 

Bypassing my conditioned trauma 

conveyed from one mama to the next, 

i embrace this newness 

giving me the butterflies i get 

when i welcome a new lover. 

Queerness as normality. 

Professionalism: no longer a formality. 

Equally ourselves with respect of the next

brings a new perception of nudity. 

Do you see its beauty?

Watching the sunset,

suddenly i know freedom. 

i sleep easy knowing no human 

goes without dwelling. 

No bounds of patriarchy. 

No borders to patrol. 

No cops to confront

as we resist and they persist. 

Yet, our persistence in resistance is what brings us here.. 

I’m awakened by the sound of my alarm;

my reminder that capitalism exists.  

My expediency diminishes

and I’m met with reality. 

My need to slow down 

meets my desire 

to continuously travel to the future,

where life makes sense in a cliché way. 

What does it mean to step into tomorrow

when today has beaten you to death? 

Tonight i shall travel through time once again, 

moving faster than you and i can comprehend.