Red, White, and Blue

by Najah Scruse

Blood rains down
more than humanity
these days; coating
the leaves in a darker shade,
dragging agony
across the summer sun.
You’re not the first to
bite the bullet
and definitely not
the last.

Many faces
but society only see one,
and turns a blind eye
away from the rest of you.
Burying you
into mother earth
not realizing she will
wrap you in her cocoon,
bringing you back
to get your refill on lead.

We should all be eating
gun powder for dinner
so when the shots ring out,
we’ll breathe in death
and exhale life with vengeance.
I refuse to beg for my life
while under oppression
so do as you will.
Smith & Wesson
have autographed plenty
of hearts, mine will
beat no difference.

Hide behind your fear
while the barrel
seeks my mouth
just to blast my
voice back to the beginning.

Back to lynching’s,
back to whips with
leather exterior,
and chains that link ancestry,
back to breeding more,
just to breed out,
just to rape and breed illegitimacy,
back to cotton picking
and the big house
and not realizing
no matter the location
of death you’re still dead,
back to two by fours
nailed together with
the exception of your god
and replaced with
the burning of your hatred,
back to picnics with main
events featuring castration,
back to displaying
Venus and raping
her planet until it’s expected,
back to killing
children even the infants,
back to where it all started
just to come back to reality
and realize it never ended.

ameriKKKa has always been thirsty for blood.

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