Restoration and Blessings

by Imani Ma’at

I took a trip to Detroit and my whole life changed. After a much needed break from a long and stressful quarter at school I decided that I needed a change in scenery and that I wanted to spend my spring break in Detroit. I decided this for many reasons. One, I was desperately missing my family in Detroit. Two, l needed some wisdom and encouragement from my big sister artist and community activist Halima Cassells. Three, I needed some love from my beautiful nieces Nia-Rah and Nzinga. Four, I wanted to experience the West-African drum and dance community here in Detroit. Five, to look at colleges to pursue my graduate studies in dance. Six, to appreciate the rich culture here in Detroit. Seven, to reconnect with a special and beautiful friend who has continuously inspired me to grow in my craft and artistry. Eight to explore. Nine, to learn. Ten, to CREATE. My trip to Detroit was blessed and everything that I was seeking manifested. It was like a never ending dream from beginning to end. I received the support and love that I was so desperately seeking and because of this I was renewed and revived. Once I returned back home, guess what? I had EVOLVED once again and I GREW and I was RESTORED. So thank you Detroit for all of the many BLESSINGS and LESSONS. The 12 days I spent in the D allowed me to find myself again!


Imani Ma’at is a visionary, artist, choreographer, dancer, and photographer from Norfolk, Virginia. She is currently studying dance at the University of California Riverside with a concentration in West-African dance and music traditions. She produces many works with the purpose of helping others develop higher consciousness through art. Her goals are to bring forth healing, and to simply encourage others. For more information about Imani you can view her work on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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