Riverwise is a community-based magazine created by a team of authors, writers, photojournalists, parents, grandparents, students, organizers, activists, artists, educators, and visionaries. We are working to create media that reflects local activism and the profound new work being done in and around Detroit neighborhoods. We envision deepening relationships through media that serve as an essential part of weaving beloved communities. We will celebrate personal Detroit stories and the process of evolving ideas.

It is often said that we live in two Detroits—one affluent, the other neglected. We know there are many versions of Detroit. In some communities, there is a striving toward self-determination and new, visionary ways of life. It is our goal to show these efforts that are rooted in community, sustainable, transformative, and based upon new forms of citizenship. Detroit is a movement city. And our movements need creative media. By sharing resources and encouraging open participation of engaged citizens, especially people of color, Riverwise shall help us examine our own personal and political contradictions and generate lasting solutions.

Riverwise needs your stories of resilience, visionary resistance, place-based education, self-determination and sustainable, creative ways of transforming yourselves and your communities. Please contact us with article ideas and notice of programs taking place in your neighborhood. We’ll do our best to follow up. 

Or submit an article, personal anecdote, poem, interview, photo, or illustration of your own for our next edition of Riverwise. Submissions should not be more than 1,500 words long and may be edited for content and/or space. They should also include contact information and proper credits and affiliations.

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