Spring Issue 24

A Police Department with a City

  Illustration by Amanda Matyas   Israel has been called “not a country with an army, but an army with a country.” The proliferation of military equipment, tactics and culture… Read More

Song for Weelaunee

As helicopters chopped the sky above our heads and tear gas drifted on the breeze, police blocked an entrance to the massive law enforcement training facility they’re determined to build… Read More


Yes  we are nervous  about tomorrow,  about the future.  Yes we care, and we carry the load.  Yes we are insistent on a better world  because we know it exists. … Read More

Goliath Brown

 Never knew equality after being subjected to prejudices spent worldwide. Chocolate, mahogany, sienna, hazel or olive, my actions have always been typified by the darkness of my skin. Perceived as… Read More

Be A lover Coloring Page

Printable coloring page! Please print it, color it, share it, and tag Riverise! Konstance Patton Ke-nee-go-keshek is an Indigenous American Artist, Muralist, Designer, and Oral Historian working between Detroit, Michigan,… Read More

So Much Bad News

Sometimes, when you get so much bad news you struggle to sort through it. What should be prioritized, what’s the point? Do I choose to report on the lady whose… Read More

no single path through the mountains

  Ali Gali (they/them): I am a queer, non-binary artist, cultural organizer, and space-maker from Antakya, Turkey.  In my visual practice and poetry, I trace entanglements of bodies, spirits, and… Read More

A Message from Rising Leaders

To many, the climate crisis is not given a thought. And to many, they do not realize that's where you’re caught amidst psychological warfare.  A warfare that convinces us that is… Read More


Breathe…Do you feel it?   Mother Earth left her soulful whispers in there. You take a deep breath in and feel it.  You feel the crud of those who have to… Read More

Sacred Spaces “Solvent”

“Solvent” an exhibition by Halima Afi Cassells and Shanna Merola invokes the world between memory, history, collective storytelling, and liberation at the water’s edge. “Mama Lila” Cabbil - October 23rd,… Read More

Snapshots of Lila

I still find Lila’s hair pins underneath and between my car seats. I would pick her up at the big, red-trimmed house on Wildemere for meetings. She would always be… Read More