the current

Land— Our Common Heritage and Trust

by Riverwise Editorial Staff


Literacy Is Power and Hip-Hop Is Green!

by Jamii Tata




Between The Maple Tree & the Cottonwood
The Manistique Community Treehouse

by Eric Thomas Campbell 


After the Harvest: Progress, Challenges and Lessons from D-Town Farm 

by Malik Yakini 


Staying Rooted On Clairmount

by Taylor Peters


Resisting Dispossession: Palestine & Detroit, 1967

by Julia Kassem


Stitches of Love: Creating Warmth, Sending Prayers, One Square at a Time

by Mayté Penman


Vision, Audacity and Celebration! Advancing the Climate Justice Movement

in conversation William Copeland & Richard Feldman



A Brief History of Urban Agriculture in Detroit: Looking Back while Moving Ahead

by Tepfirah Rushdan




Book Review: ‘The Dawn of Detroit: A Chronicle of Slavery and Freedom in the City of Detroit’

by Frank Joyce


Book Review: ‘Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Shaping Worlds’

by Larry Gabriel


Intro to Detroit Sci Fi Generator Series

by adrienne maree brown


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‘Riverwise’ is a community-based magazine created by a team of authors, writers, photojournalists, parents, grandparents, students, organizers, activists, artists, educators and visionaries. We are working together to create media that reflects local activism and the profound new work being done in and around Detroit neighborhoods. We envision deepening relationships through media that serves as an essential part of weaving beloved communities. We will celebrate personal Detroit stories and the process of evolving ideas.


It is often said that we live in two Detroits– one affluent, the other neglected. We know there are many versions of Detroit and in some communities there is a striving toward self-determination and new, visionary ways of life. It is our goal through this publication to show these efforts that are rooted in community, sustainable, transformative and based upon new forms of citizenship. Detroit is a movement city. And our movements need creative media. By sharing resources and encouraging open participation of engaged citizens, especially people of color, ‘Riverwise’ will help us to examine our own personal and political contradictions and generate lasting solutions.


‘Riverwise’ needs your stories of resilience, visionary resistance, place-based education, self-determination and sustainable, creative ways of transforming yourselves and your communities. Please contact us with article ideas and notice of programs taking place in your neighborhood. Or submit an article, personal anecdote, poem, interview, photo, illustration of your own for our next edition of ‘Riverwise’. Send digital submissions to ‘’. Hard copies may be sent to 3061 Field St., Detroit, Michigan. The Riverwise collective also invites you to join us for a series of community conversations. We hope to regularly discuss the direction of the magazine, story ideas and the future of our emerging Detroit communities with all interested parties.