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we are nervous 

about tomorrow, 

about the future

Yes we care, and we carry the load

Yes we are insistent on a better world 

because we know it exists

Because we are flowers 

with strong reaching stems 

that will break if you press in just the right 



patience can smooth the edges

but it will not put down the sword

Easy weather will not water your garden, 

or fly your kite, or fill your sail

Restless is the meter

Restless is the heart

Restless will be our defiance 

against business as usual 

from those who take from the Earth 

and give nothing in return

They take us hostage, 

torture them

make us watch

I pray for another world 

while I live in this one. Restless is the reckoning


There are days when I have come palms open to the sky speaking surrender: 

Accept this world for what it is to make the most of what’s here.