Goliath Brown

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 Never knew equality after being subjected to prejudices spent worldwide.




hazel or


my actions have always been typified by the darkness of my skin.

Perceived as a threat since the beginning of time,

a man like me was present the Monday after God created the heavens and the Earth.

My struggle began with Y in the womb

and has since plagued my existence.

Why do opportunities that fall into my lap

scrutinize my being?

Why does Matthew take home more pay than LaQuan

when they both do the same job?

Why was I terminated

after training fair skinned equals who had no experience before we met?

Why do leisurely afternoon drives

become DWB breaking news at five?

Why is a staggering percentage of my species incarcerated

being taught trades so they’ll return as productive members of society

only to find more padlocked entrances

where they’re qualified to roam free?

Tears wept for me B.C. and A.D.

I knew nothing about theft

until my ancestors were stolen from the Motherland.

Keloids from their salted wounds provide permanent reminders

that I was built

to last.

I will not buckle after being backed into a corner.

Shackles held me down–

I’m too strong to be held up!

Stones thrown my way were caught in my teeth,

bubble gum chewed

with their remnants excreted in front of every plantation door.

Often imitated but never duplicated,

two of any another kind could never produce one of me.

My words are used for protection—

I refuse to become another victim.

I wrestle with shadows as a Black man

while my inner light fills the cosmos because





Rosemarie Wilson a.k.a. One Single Rose®️ is an award-winning poet and playwright, spoken word artist, singer, actress, filmmaker, author of three self-published poetry collections, nice and naughty chapbooks. Rosemarie is the first poet to be filmed in Motown’s infamous Studio A and the first Motown Mic Performance Artist of the Year. She is currently a featured artist and songwriter dubbed Queen Rose with Defected Records, the United Kingdom’s #1 house music record label.  Find her streaming on all platforms as One Single Rose®️ or Queen Rose. She is also the first poet published under the Broadside-Lotus Press merger, two of the oldest African-American presses in the United States.  As a poetry host, she has hosted various open mics as well as performed for local and international dignitaries.  For more information on One Single Rose®, visit www.onesinglerose.com to peek into her rose garden.