2067: Transcript of Found Audio Interview

transcript of found audio

marked: “amb mic, september 6, 2067”

republic of new america, detroit city-state

september 6, 2117

by adrienne marie brown

  • today i am 88.
  • i don’t have many direct memories actually. throughout my life i have gathered snapshots, poetic clues of my world, and placed them on the thread like a pearl. i revisit these missives, and remember thru feelings.
  • how unfinished i still feel, how long my life is ahead of me.
  • it is, again, an exciting time to be alive.
  • i stopped celebrating my birth a long time ago. but i happen to be born on a special day. september 6 marks the celebration of The End. the apocalypse is a virgo after all (cackling). and we are so many years, what, 45 years?, beyond the dissolution of our nation-state?
  • it is the most formative experience of my lifetime. every life needs a proper revolution, ideally one in which you get to be on the side of justice and rebellion.
  • what can be said about detroit? detroit persists as one of the last american experiments. i think in some ways it is the most successful because it appeared to fail early. and we rebelled with our dollars more than our bodies.
  • i travel and travel, but i love this city, i love the intraglobal and intergalactic relationships we are forging here. and i love this planet, even with the instabilities.
  • where? yesterday i portaled to cuba for a doctor’s appointment. bless the unending life of ambassador honeycomb for opening the educational alliance between our sister states!
  • yes my sisters tease me for not just getting freecare in detroit, but i have a delicious crush on the doctor who discovered and activated my immortal genes.
  • if we hadn’t made the link between collaboration and immortality we would be extinct now. heaven is a state of togetherness.
  • i pre-member the fear, and the loneliness. distant, how scars always remind the exploring fingers that there were moments of pain, lifetimes and lifetimes of pain.
  • balancing blackness and multiculturalism is probably the key to detroit’s longevity. most places can’t celebrate the construct without becoming limited by it. but we manage to love the black roots here, and still dance beautifully with other races and species that are drawn here.
  • detroit is one of the first places where we relinquished borders. a lot of people don’t know that because of what happened in El Paso and Miami, but we liberated the first bridge. we dismissed the coast guard.
  • i suspect technology paved the road for it. perhaps it trained us to receive each other’s ideas in real time? and we were meshed across the city which made it easier when the corps tried to lock down communications.
  • the way to overcome hate is to leave it to its own devices. they built those walls around themselves.
  • scares me? scares me. hmmm. there are still those who don’t believe in each other, who are committed to competition and death, to distant utopias.
  • most days i develop attention discipline. sounds fancy. i teach children how to use attention to feed or starve their own dreams. feed their dreams, starve the opposition.
  • well who knows? i mean the Marwon are not the only outerbeings who are interested in relationship with us, specifically with detroit. Rikti says there is something like an alliance out there.
  • my lover, Rikti of Marwon Slev. don’t act so surprised.
  • the future of detroit is infinite, as long as we turn to each other. our roots are intertwined. we are growing up, up and up.


Adrienne Maree Brown is a writer, sci fi scholar, pleasure activist, emergent strategist/facilitator and co-editor of Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements. she loves in detroit.