Detroit Love-n-War

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Detroit Love-n-War by Poem by Rosemarie Wilson a.k.a One Single Rose

The Spirit of Ðetroit’s head bows in shame.

Uninviting images broadcast through the idiot box

and the tangled web they’ve weaved

turn enlightened minds all over the globe to mush with fear of the Ð.

Flights canceled…

overnight and extended stays


Pictures of crime scenes

on dilapidated streets

with abandoned houses and vacant lots;

schools closed because kickbacks

weren’t thrown back.

We’re being laughed at

but ain’t nothing funny,

stop smiling,

don’t nothing move but the money!

Emergency managers handled our cash…

Smash and grab ATM heists—

24-hour lock down.


I can’t even front that my city isn’t messed up.

I’ve caught an infectious disease called Detroit love

that I can’t shake

nor do I want to get rid of.

I’m a Ð girl,

born on 313 girl,

Ðetroit’s favorite girl,


not dying as I rep for my city!

Forget what you heard!

Poetically I dispel prejudicial myths about the 313.


COPS highlights a small percentage of thieves in the Ð’s temple.

Hardcore Pawners do not depict the spending habits of every person living south of Eight Mile.

Not all of our elected officials have hidden agendas.

Ðetroit’s title as Murder Capital was relinquished to another Michigan city

but our name remains fresh on tongues that aren’t privy to that fact.

Creative juices keep our sanity intact:

Musicians share their Kemistry.

Poets care Moore.

A pastor listens to us wine and

Anita’s my baker.

Young Barry Gordy eyes sparkle at his dream girl.

Together they scream in the Red Dawn after a 1-8-7.


Let’s transform the world’s thinking

‘cause ain’t nobody fresher than my clique.

Ðetroit, baby!

We’re the ugly ducklings with nothing to lose budding beautifully as swans.

Our roses don’t smell like boo boo,

the stench from breath of the uninformed who snub us does.

This story is to be told

and sold.

We are the few,

the strong,

the proud.



built Ford tough!

Ðetroit hustles harder!

Our roads have always been rocky.

No matter how many times we fall,

we dust our shoulders off before overcoming the next speed bump.

We ain’t no punks!

We’ll finish what the bullies started.

Don’t get it twisted!

Talk ill about the Ð,

you might catch a Joe Louis southpaw to your left jaw!

Don’t ever count us out!

We’re ready to bounce back off the ropes.

When we do,

our Old English Ð will beam brighter than Batman’s spotlight in the sky.

We’ll band together,

prepared for flight!

Our wings are long–

our determination’s intense

‘cause when we play,

we play to win–

now run tell that to your friends. 

Bio: Rosemarie Wilson a.k.a. One Single Rose is an award-winning poet and playwright, spoken word artist, singer/songwriter, actress, and filmmaker from Detroit. She is currently a featured artist and songwriter with Defected Records, the first poet published under the Broadside-Lotus Press merger, two of the oldest African-American presses in the United States as well as the first poet to be filmed in Motown’s infamous Studio A. One Single Rose performs nationally and internationally wherever her words are welcomed. Go to to take a peek into her rose garden.