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for Detroit

u Fly

so fly back

fly black to industrial complexes

feeding on soul food

lick fingers till they drip poems

till they raise souls unfinished

rebuke anyone who says

the soul has left Motown

cuz on wide-eyed, nostalgic strips

concrete jungles crack

to make room for tomorrow’s

prayers for the breathing

fuck bourgie mofos scurred

of your earth-tones

your skreet swaggar

your possibility

grip it

grip it like your hand take hold a lover

excess softening in ya palm

rested like an overdue nap

echoed and shadowing

like the bass of southern crunk speakers

lickin’ eardrums

pause long enough to sense self

that leg of your family

that left Lower Arkansas or “Sweetport”

Ark-La-Tex’d elsewhere

took freedom trains up yonder

where freedom’s a FORD promise

where your peoples pave the path

for futurity

there is J0Y in Detroit

the simple sophistication of n****s

with hopes tattooed on their faces

smiles, flirtations, or mean mugs

the chameleon canvass carried

like something delicate

faces changing with whatever you give back

these are a people who

hold the moisture of soul in their locs

and say come indulge

Berry-sweet hopes so juicy

lips collect dew at the thought of it

like liquor lips that nourish

the parts of your body

that need to “feel” felt

help you celebrate being some body

where no one knows you

but everyone seems to know enough

to welcome you

then inhale a heavy breath respite

then ex-hell as strong as your dreams of love

till the 7th breath resuscitates

gives shapes to tomorrows

fills tears with courage

fills lungs with optimism

like how it feels to fill a hole again

reconstruct self

they will erect a monument

people will remember you over and again

will etch your name into stone

claim you like you were born there

remembering that you

became yourself (again) there

an Easter Sunday resurrection

fly back

fly black

you fly