Let’s Reimagine together 

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Let’s swim in 9ft deep

Let’s watch the pain away

Let’s be honest

Let’s be authentic

Let’s be fierce

Let’s not be afraid to hide

Breaking glass ceilings

Knocking shit down

I didn’t build this world

I will destroy the parts that hold me and people back

I get tired

I get hurt

and then I remember

We have the capacity to win

We have the capacity to dream

We have the capacity to set the roads on fire with hope and love

The human condition

What a crazy world we have built

Only a few suffering from the insanity of greed

only a few lost on the meaning of life

The childish notions that we will be saved by a force outside of ourselves are gone

I declare… we are the force

The life force to bring this crazy world to its knees

I used to wonder why I didn’t fit

How I saw this world so different

I was reminded I don’t fit — and that’s not a bad thing

I found the people and places where my heart is whole

where white supremacy practices of conquer and divide don’t live

Where collaborative leaning is a held truth

Where community collective health is centered

Some say “She’s nuts” others say “She’s brave”

I say, “Get Ready! “

Jennifer Disla, a Center for Community Change GenChange Alumni, started organizing in 2008 with Healthcare for America Now Campaign in Missouri.  She continued her career in organizing afterward as a Labor Organizer for Service Employee International Union Local 1.  She has since worked on contract campaigns in Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, and Indiana.  She is currently based in Detroit, Michigan as  Organizing Director for Detroit Action.   She believes in building collective power to effectively change our society.  She is a member of Organization for Black Struggle, Missouri Jobs with Justice, and Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates.