praise to the dandelion

praise to the dandelion i too am a low thing, refusing.  i too am a gentle summer light waking  in the season of disbelief. Gentle to my brothers  who spring… Read More


We are gone in ourselves. One second we try and avoid knocking down the spider’s web, only to walk right through it a minute later, unnoticed. We are cut like… Read More

Lights Out

Darkness. Scamper to the window, Swipe aside the dusty curtain. I am not the only one looking out into the night. I hold one of the sets of eyes straining… Read More

A Story of Hope

Hope was a young girl who lived in the land of Gladness. Hope's hair was made of sunshine; her freckles were bits of stardust.  Hope's meals came from the Spring… Read More

Permitting Pollution

Siyo, greetings and good day. Jesse Deer In Water here, organizer and speaker for Citizens’ Resistance At Fermi Two (CRAFT). CRAFT is an Indigenous-led, intergenerational, multi-racial, and cross-cultural grassroots organization… Read More

Art by Nicole Miazgowicz

Artist Statement:  These pieces are based on a camping trip I took to Iceland a few years ago. I couldn't believe how varied the landscape was - sometimes even within… Read More

Snapshots of Lila

I still find Lila’s hair pins underneath and between my car seats. I would pick her up at the big, red-trimmed house on Wildemere for meetings. She would always be… Read More

Sacred Spaces “Solvent”

“Solvent” an exhibition by Halima Afi Cassells and Shanna Merola invokes the world between memory, history, collective storytelling, and liberation at the water’s edge. “Mama Lila” Cabbil - October 23rd,… Read More


Breathe…Do you feel it?   Mother Earth left her soulful whispers in there. You take a deep breath in and feel it.  You feel the crud of those who have to… Read More

A Message from Rising Leaders

To many, the climate crisis is not given a thought. And to many, they do not realize that's where you’re caught amidst psychological warfare.  A warfare that convinces us that is… Read More

no single path through the mountains

  Ali Gali (they/them): I am a queer, non-binary artist, cultural organizer, and space-maker from Antakya, Turkey.  In my visual practice and poetry, I trace entanglements of bodies, spirits, and… Read More

Lessons From the Poletown Plant

A revised version of this article was previously published in the February 9 edition of "The Detroit Socialist." Now that General Motors has announced its decision to close the Poletown… Read More