A Message from Rising Leaders

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To many, the climate crisis is not given a thought.

And to many, they do not realize that’s where you’re caught amidst psychological warfare. 

A warfare that convinces us that is merely a hoax, when, in reality: it is beyond deep, as it manifests terms that affect us not just mentally, and physically, but psychologically.

See the catch with the climate crisis is that people argue the more you ignore it, the more it’ll go away: when that is quite literally the antithesis of our ongoing climate crisis, because regardless of if you choose to acknowledge it or not: 

  1. Our precipitation levels will continue to increase due to rising temperatures, which further intensify our earth’s water cycle: increasing evaporation resulting in more frequent AND intense storms. To many, this is normal, because storms have happened since time immemorial, but to residents surrounding the Detroit and Rouge rivers (due to poor sewage systems in Detroit), we embark on a journey filled with inborn diseases from dirty waters and scarcity/expulsion of wildlife that exists within our waters.


2. The factories in Detroit’s production of an excessive amount of material for automobile industries releasing toxic chemicals into our air supply, and for Metro-Detroit residents, we embark on the beginning of severe cardiovascular issues…

3. The disproportionate effect that the climate crisis has on lower-income communications due to the heightened need for electric cooling and medical aid needed as a result of increased heat strokes, etc. embarks the beginning of an increased level of poverty.

This, to many, is just a mere coincidence, but to us youth, as rising leaders, it is our alarming future. It is a future that creeps in on us, catching us by surprise. It is the news that pushes us to strive for change and eventually will lead us back to a restored earth.

Aya Bazzoun

Aya is devoted to seeing the accessibility of education in our world change so that education becomes less a privilege and more a birthright. I was inspired by my personal relationship with my education and the joy that being able to study the science behind our universe- from the physical aspect to the molecular aspect has brought me.

Poem by a member of Detroit Area Youth Uniting Michigan. To learn more about DAYUM find them on Instagram @d.a.y.u.m_