Art by Nicole Miazgowicz

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Artist Statement: 

These pieces are based on a camping trip I took to Iceland a few years ago. I couldn’t believe how varied the landscape was – sometimes even within a 10-minute drive. It is a vast, wild, and gorgeous country – nature is inescapable and hard to ignore while there. It’s always a welcome breath of fresh air to orient travels around immersing myself in the landscape of that place. I find it gives me a new sense and willingness to notice the natural world in the small pockets of my daily life in the city every time I return. Through my work, I’m able to stay connected to this reverence and love for our planet by capturing the beauty and magic there is to discover within it. My hope is that this helps viewers remember why we are fighting for it in the first place.

Nicole Miazgowicz is a visual artist based in Detroit, Michigan. She draws inspiration from her theater background, the natural world, travels, symbology, films, and memories. Primarily a traditional artist, she aims to create a softness and beauty in the gloomy and nostalgic. Nicole uses her love of storytelling and exploring to connect the contrasting themes that are often present in our lives and the stories we consume.