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Breathe…Do you feel it? 

 Mother Earth left her soulful whispers in there. You take a deep breath in and feel it. 

You feel the crud of those who have to leave their homes to escape from the wrath of climate, who’ve been neglected?

Breathe…Do you feel it? The screams of Earth gasping for an alternative.

Breathe…Do you feel it? The wheeze of an asthmatic both near and far. 

Breathe…Do you feel it? The red fire that blazes across the trees leaving behind burned leaves and faded memories. 

Breathe…Do you feel it? The pain in your throat when you think you are fighting this fight alone…To know how it feels to be part of the communities who have to fight for their climate rights.

Breathe…Do you feel it? The air that is caught in your lungs suffocates you like the cat that often tries to catch your tongue. 

Breathe…Do you feel it? The chants of those who stand up against it. Those who protect the water from leaving its home, the forest from the fire, the ecosystems from the dire situations, and the people from the people even if it means destroying art and old paintings at least the message left a shiny print across their hearts. 

Breathe…Then tell me do you feel it? 

The Justice that sings to be heard in your heart. The revolution that your brain tries to dim. The people who the companies try to silence. 

Breathe….Stand up and protect the climate.

Janiala (she/her) is a sophomore at Renaissance High School who has been bestowed the honor of being D.A.Y.U.M 

Janiala is the youngest chair of DAYUM ever! She is a go-getter who uses meticulous words that never fail to convey a strong message. Her wise mindset brings a powerful perspective to DAYUM. Janiala believes that the combination of experience, knowledge, and voice are the main tools every human has to at least begin a change– which is what makes her eager to be the leader and representative of DAYUM!

To learn more about DAYUM find them on Instagram @d.a.y.u.m_