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Yemini Liberation movement

April 17th marked a National Day of Solidarity to uplift the 20th day of a hunger strike led by Dearborn/Detroit grassroots organization, Yemeni Liberation Movement.  Our comrades in D.C.(Iman Saleh and Muna Saleh) have been […]

March for Black Women: Breathing together

Notes From the Movement March for Black Women: Breathing together by Monica Isaac On September 23rd, a grand jury indicted a former Louisville police officer for wanton endangerment during a raid on Breonna Taylor’s home […]

Weekly Liberation

Weekly Liberation by Monica Isaac The ongoing Movement for Black Lives has shown itself to be active in several ways beyond direct action. One of those ways has been the need for accessible and community […]

Sustained Protests: The Beginnings Of System Change

Posted on July 28, 2020 Photo by Keviyan Richardson The daily protest demonstrations against police brutality in Detroit have been relatively peaceful. Yet, until yesterday, police response has been extremely antagonistic. Nearly 150 protesters were […]