a poem for Trans day of visibility

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“what does trans visibility mean to me?” 

visible to whom? i must ask myself 

to cis eyes? society? The government

the medical complex

what it means to me is suspicion. 

this place that does not want us to exist 

the more visible we are 

the more we are in danger 

and yet as i write this 

i feel the contradiction bubbling up 

inside of my heart 

from trans person to trans person 

we exchange love letters often 

you are so beautiful 

so handsome 

watching you bloom made me 

realize i could bloom too. 

and then i think about the youth 

how they are being attacked 

being told who they are is not real 

not possible 

when i think about visibility 

i think about them above all 

about how possible 

brave and true they are 

how loved and deserving they are 

and how our visibility protects them, 

keeps them safe 

and gives them a little room 

to be themselves unapologetically. 

with that all said 

personally at the end of the day 

visibility is not what i desire 

but a reckoning 

a social unbecoming 

and ultimately a revolution 

that is my affirmation 

my euphoria 

that is my love letter to you.