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I greet family, friends and strangers with a sunny smile,

dressed in my best attire,

they glance at me and say, “You look good.”

Not seeing me as they could.

My mind begins to wonder…if I had on an old pair of jeans,

would I still look good in their view?

No matter race, color, creed, class or culture,

will they behold we are one, and all divine?

Do they only see the clothes I wear; the color of my skin?

Would they gaze at the sparkles in my eyes

that behold the spirit of Christ?

Will they glimpse or hear my soul call,

to be treated fairly and just?

Do they judge me according to their ways,

than accept me as I am?

I Am that I Am!

Can they hear the song in my heart from where all my love starts?

Feel the vibration of my soul!

Will they know me like they know the brand of clothes?

I wish they knew me as thyself, no creed, nor color.

Will we only picture the outer deception of life?

Would we close ourselves to what is real, good and right…

Or will we live in the goodness of kindness, love and light?

They could perceive me as a child of God, as I see them.

We can be a Nation, a Country, an Island, a Universe

with undivided love for one another.

We can witness the light that we all behold,

or shall we carry hatred and lack of understanding…

like a dark cloud to our graves. “Oh Thy art Thou, bless our souls.”

Can they spot the light beaming from my eyes into theirs?



Alethea Howard a writer and poet, completed NRI Schools Non- fiction Writing Course. Author of poems, Can You See Me, Beyond the Past, Oh Spirit!, and others published monthly in the Vitality (MEDIANEWS Group) Paper, and published Article: MAN AND WOMAN, in the Body Mind Spirit Guide Magazine in October 2020. Her seemingly innate ability to articulate feelings and insights with such simplicity leaves the reader in greater appreciation for life itself.